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Reality TV star Nandi Mlombi, known for her role as Queen Nandi on the DStv reality show “Pastors Wives,” has been making headlines after her disqualification from the Mrs Southern Africa beauty pageant. She is also a prominent figure on Honey TV.

Background of the Queen Nandi Disqualification

In light of recent events, Mrs. Southern Africa has officially confirmed Nandi Mlombi’s disqualification. This decision stems from an incident in 2022 when she became embroiled in a controversy involving several church leaders.

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Mlombi reportedly made derogatory remarks about Methodist Church leaders, referring to them as unintelligent and clownish.

The Reality TV star has been known to be embroidered in controversy time and again due to always living in the spotlight withy her family.

The Statement from Mrs. Southern Africa

In an official statement, the Mrs. Southern Africa pageant expressed its position:

“After careful consideration and a thorough review of recent events and their potential impact on the reputation and smooth execution of the pageant, the organizing committee has determined that it is in the best interest of the pageant and its participants to disqualify Mrs Nandipha Mlombi, known as Queen Nandi on social media platforms, from the competition.”

The statement emphasized that this decision was not made lightly and acknowledged the adverse effect it had on the pageant’s image. It further stated:

“The aim of our pageant is to uphold ubuntu, a positive and respectful image. It is crucial that all contestants align with these values. Additionally, this decision unfortunately necessitates a reassessment of the pageant’s schedule and logistics, resulting in some unavoidable delays. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause other contestants.”

Queen Nandi is yet to make a comment on the issue publicly.

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