Vusi Nova Zahara's FamilyVusi Nova Promises To Take Care Of Zahara's Family [Image: Zimoja]

Musician Vusi Nova promised to take care of her close friend Zahara’s family following her untimely death nearly two weeks ago.


Star Buried

Zahara succumbed to liver complications on 11 December 2023 after spending weeks in hospital. She developed liver problems barely two weeks after her traditional lobola ceremony. The Loliwe hitmaker was buried yesterday in her hometown in Eastern Cape.

On 22 December, the Mtutukana family held a memorial service in Eastern Cape for Zahara. Her close friend, Vusi Nova, took to the stage to share his eulogies.

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Vusi Nova Promises To Take Care Of Zahara’s Family

Vusi Nova Zahara's Family
Vusi Nova Promises To Take Care Of Zahara’s Family [Image: YouTube]


The singer revealed that Zahara went to the grave with his secrets, and she never told anyone. He promised her that he would also take her secrets to the grave.

Vusi Nova also pledged to take care of Zahara’s family now that she is no longer around. He vowed:

“Bulelwa, I want to promise you a second thing. Your mother, your father, your sisters, your brother, rest mntase khaya. I will take care of them. I will make sure they are alright.”

Vusi Nova also revealed his last moments with Zahara:

“You know, when she was in hospital, we would frequently go there with her mother and the sisters. And the one day, it was a Thursday before she passed on, I walked in there as usual in the morning. I walked to where she would usually be, and the nurses directed me to another room. I went there, and when I looked, she was in a private room, sitting on the bed with pipes removed, and she was smiling.

“When I walked in there to her, I said to her: ‘Don’t ever do that again, don’t ever scare us like that ever again.’ We sat there, and we spoke as normal. I said to her: ‘Bulelwa, from now on, I am going to guard you and make sure you eat well.’ When I left that day I kissed her on the forehead, and I said ‘I love you’ and she said ‘I love you’.

“I left that hospital believing that when I arrive the next day, they’d be telling us to pack her clothes and discharge her. The very same night, I found out she got worse, and that was so devastating. I think God gave her one last chance to say goodbye to her family [and] to me.”


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