Lusanda Mbane Zahara's GuitarLusanda Mbane Takes Zahara's Guitar And Awards To Her Family [Image: Facebook]

Actress Lusanda Mbane paid her last respect to her  “little sister” by delivering Zahara’s guitar and awards to her family in East London yesterday.

The East London community mourned the loss of award-winning singer Bulelwa “Zahara” Mkuthukana as her body returned to the city on Sunday. Zahara passed away on December 11 after enduring weeks of hospitalisation.

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Actress Lusanda Mbane Takes Zahara’s Guitar And Awards To Her Family

Actress Lusanda Mbane, showing her deep respect for the departed singer, travelled from Johannesburg to Phumlani to personally deliver Zahara’s accolades and guitar to her grieving family.

In a heartfelt interview with TshisaLIVE, Lusanda reflected on the emotional rollercoaster she experienced during Zahara’s extended hospital stay. She admitted to feeling unsettled and emotionally drained, relying on updates from those close to Zahara to navigate the uncertain situation.


Lusanda Mbane Zahara's Guitar
Lusanda Mbane Takes Zahara’s Guitar And Awards To Her Family [Image: Facebook]


The connection between Lusanda and Zahara blossomed after a two-hour interview during Lusanda’s tenure as a presenter on TruFM. Their bond evolved into a sisterhood, with Lusanda describing her role as that of a big sister.

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She reminisced about being there for Zahara in times of need, navigating the challenges of Zahara’s stubbornness with a mix of tough love and shared laughter.

“I was there for her when she needed me as a big sister, and I was there when we had fun as well but that didn’t always end well because the big sister in me would always come out and Bulelwa was very stubborn.” 

Lusanda observed a tendency for some in Zahara’s life to unquestioningly agree with her, but she positioned herself as the one who would call restrain the singer when necessary. She was there to set limits as a big sister.


Navigating The Star’s Troubled Life

Zahara’s career was marked by controversies, from financial troubles jeopardising her Roodepoort home to disputes over royalties and public speculation about her performances. Lusanda, however, remained a steadfast friend, acknowledging Zahara’s late-night calls expressing her troubles:

“Bulelwa was a troubled soul. I sometimes allocated that to the fact that she was a bright shining star. Unfortunately when you are a bright shining star, everything about you is going to be loud.

“I was aware of the extent of her troubles. I was guiding and sometimes a friend to her. I understood the extent of the problems … I thought we could help as much as we could, but when God has picked her as the star who would shine brighter than most others, that is the price to pay. I thought maybe that is the explanation.”

Lusanda pledged to cherish the moments shared with Zahara and preserve her legacy.

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