In a shocking revelation, it is claimed that revered media icon Pabi Moloi orchestrated the arrest of her ex-husband, Ruan Adams. Adams, who later found himself in a squalid police holding cell, has filed a lawsuit against Moloi and Minister of Police Bheki Cele, seeking R400,000 for wrongful arrest.

Background of the Lawsuit

Adams had previously filed an R1-million lawsuit against Moloi and Cele in the Pretoria High Court. The arrest stemmed from allegations made by Moloi, accusing Adams of violating a protection order. In the lawsuit filed in the Johannesburg regional court, Adams detailed the events leading to his arrest, shedding light on the alleged misuse of power.

Sequence of Events

In court documents, Adams recounted that he visited the Norwood police station in March 2022 to seek court assistance regarding matters related to their child. Upon arrival, he was informed to return in the evening. To his surprise, upon his return, he discovered a warrant of arrest dating back to 2017, allegedly instigated by Moloi.

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Pabi Moloi and ex husband
Pabi Moloi and Ruan Adams-Image Source@X

Adams described his experience at the police station as harrowing, citing harassment, humiliation, and threats of imprisonment. A police captain intervened, advising him to return the next day. However, on March 7, 2022, Adams was arrested without a proper warrant. His request for its production was ignored by Officer Gumede.

During his detention, Moloi, accompanied by Officer Gumede, reportedly took photos of Adams, warning him that she would reveal her true self. Subsequently, Adams was transferred to a Johannesburg police holding cell, where he was detained alongside individuals accused of serious crimes.

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Allegations and Consequences

Adams contended that Moloi violated his constitutional rights by filing baseless charges. He asserted that the police arrested him without proper investigation, leading to malicious proceedings against him. The lawsuit claims damages of R400,000, citing deprivation of liberty, public humiliation, and lasting emotional and psychological distress.

Legal Response

Adams’ lawyer, Lutendo Siphuma of SL Attorneys, refrained from commenting, citing the sub judice nature of the matter, indicating that legal proceedings are underway.

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