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Renowned television personality and entrepreneur Annie Mthembu will not return to the upcoming Real Housewives of Durban season on Showmax. This decision comes as a result of financial difficulties faced by her husband, businessman Kgolo De Guru, whose club in Durban has suffered significant losses due to theft.

The shocking revelation was disclosed by De Guru himself in an exclusive interview with Sunday World last week. Allegations have surfaced that he failed to compensate both staff members and artists who recently performed at his establishments in Durban.

Annie Mthembu’s husband shares how he was robbed

De Guru, expressing the dire state of his finances, shared that his wife had to step back from the popular show, known for portraying the opulent lifestyle of Durban housewives and symbolizing success.

Addressing the situation, De Guru stated, “My wife will return to Real Housewives of Durban when she’s ready. She is currently dedicated to other business matters that demand her full attention.”

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Annie Mthembu
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De Guru went on to explain the financial challenges he is facing. He highlighted his unusual response to the death of his manager, where he took care of the deceased manager’s children. However, recent events have painted him in a negative light, with accusations of non-payment and tarnishing his reputation.

De Guru expressed his frustration: “I normally won’t talk to the media, but now I feel I need to say my piece because people want to see me out in the cold, and I can see they don’t respect my family.”

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De Guru’s fallout with his DJ

Last week, DJ Wobbly, one of De Guru’s resident DJs, took to social media to express his frustration over non-payment by the businessman. De Guru clarified their relationship by stating, “Wobbly and I are relatives; he knows my house, and he could have at least come by to find out how his situation can be better. What’s happening to him is partly not my fault, as I’m also a victim here.”

Elaborating on the financial setback, De Guru revealed, “Last year, my club was robbed of R750,000, and I asked my employees questions about how this happened. Only to learn later that one of them or a group of them came into the club with a speed point from another business, swapped it with my club’s speed point, and stole money.”

De Guru attributed the ongoing challenges to jealousy and envy, emphasizing the impact of false statements on his family. Despite the setbacks, he remained resilient, stating, “Before Easter weekend, all my nightclubs will be operating in full swing, that I can promise.”

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