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Last year, media personality Dineo Ranaka found herself embroiled in a lawsuit with MSC Cruises SA, a prominent company incorporated in Geneva, Switzerland. The company, which had leased a vessel to Ranaka for a high-profile trip to Portuguese islands, alleges that she and businessman Denzel Govender, along with his company Smilz, vanished with a substantial sum of money.

Lawsuit Initiated against Dineo Ranaka

MSC Cruises SA has taken a decisive step by applying for a “provincial sentence summons” in the Joburg High Court. The summons targets both Dineo Ranaka and Denzel Govender, seeking an explanation for their failure to pay an outstanding amount exceeding R3.4 million.

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The Financial Dispute

Dineo Ranaka in a lawsuit
Dineo Ranaka sued-Image Source@X

The legal action stems from a trip that incurred charges totalling over R7.5 million. This amount was
invoiced to Dineo Ranaka and her associated entity by MSC Cruises SA. The high-profile voyage faced
significant criticism from various celebrities, labelling it as the worst cruise experience of their

Allegations Against Dineo Ranaka and Denzel Govender

MSC Cruises SA contends that both Dineo Ranaka and Denzel Govender, along with his company Smilz, have
failed to meet their financial obligations related to the aforementioned trip. The company asserts that
Ranaka and Govender disappeared with a substantial sum, prompting legal action to recover the outstanding

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Repercussions of the Controversial Cruise

The cruise, which garnered negative reviews from celebrities, has further escalated into a legal
confrontation. The fallout from this controversial voyage is not only tarnishing the reputation of the
media personality but is also raising questions about the financial dealings of Denzel Govender and his
company, Smilz.

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