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From Scrap to Stardom: Scandal Wakahina Actress Mesmerizes Mzansi in Real Life

South Africans are showering heaps of affection on an actress who’s completely owning her role as a struggling individual scraping by through recycling.

Adding to her challenges, she’s also battling postpartum psychosis.

The actress’s performance on a hit TV show is so incredibly believable that one might easily assume she had actually lived through those very circumstances.

Nkhensani Mlondzo is truly shining as Wakahina, the once-lost mother of Nhlamulo, portrayed by Mathews Rantsoma, in the long-standing etv soapie “Scandal!”

Mzansi Shows Love to Scandal Wakahina Actress

Dedicated fans of the show are expressing their adoration for her on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

A user, Siphesihle M (@sphemokoena), took to X to share a heartfelt tribute to the Wakahinda actress, accompanied by the caption, “Wakahinda appreciation post ❤️ #etvscandal.”

The comments section on the post was filled with amazement at how remarkably different the actress is from her on-screen character. Additionally, a group of X users wholeheartedly praised her for her outstanding performance on “Scandal!”

Here are a few of the reactions:


Let’s give Wakahina her flower’s,she’s killing that role ❤️🙌


I never thought I’ll see her like this😅😅😅 my mind told me she is indeed like….😅😅😅😅 She is beautiful ❤️


I suspect that she’s beautiful af. I could tell from her beautiful dark smooth skin


She’s nailing that part! ❤️❤️❤️


N please may this name end on scandal. Dont call us “wakahina” on the streets

Other Roles She Has Portrayed

While fans of “Scandal!” have grown accustomed to Nkhensani Mlondzo’s convincing portrayal of Wakahina, the actress is also excelling in another soap opera role.

Nkhensani plays Sasi in the SABC 2 telenovela “Giyani – Land of Blood.” While most are seeing her for the first time on “Scandal!” as Nhlamulo’s mentally unstable mother, it’s not her debut on the show, and it’s truly remarkable to find yourself on the same series almost two decades later with only a more significant role.

She made a brief appearance on the soapie as a prostitute.

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