Zanda Zakuza DepressionSinger Zanda Zakuza Pauses Music, Goes Back To Parents Home Due To Depression [Image: Facebook]

South African songstress Zanda Zakuza has paused her music career and gone back home after slipping into depression.

Known for her collaborations with Master KG on hits like “Skeleton Moves”, Zanda has relocated from Johannesburg to her parents’ home in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu Natal.


Zanda Zakuza Takes A Musical Sabbatical Over Depression

Zanda is halting her music career because she was in hospital and received treatment for depression and anxiety recently. In an interview with ZiMoja, she expressed the overwhelming pressure she felt in Johannesburg’s competitive entertainment industry, deeming it “too toxic” for her well-being.

“This industry was getting too toxic for me and I couldn’t take it anymore. It was important for me to retreat and work on my mental health. I needed a change of scenery and to be surrounded by genuine love from family and friends. I only come to Jozi when I have a gig-it’s a toxic place.”

Zanda added that she was currently writing music to keep herself busy and shake off the depression. She said next year she will be back and as a better person.

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Despite her temporary absence, she disclosed that she is actively engaged in writing new music and anticipates a return next year, potentially with a new record label.

“I have a lot of music that I will be dropping and I might be joining a new record label.”


Zanda Zakuza Depression
Singer Zanda Zakuza Pauses Music, Goes Back To Parents Home Due To Depression [Image: Facebook]


Open Mic Productions Drama

Zanda also revealed challenges with her current record label, Open Mic Productions. She acknowledged that things are not as they seem, disclosing that she feels neglected as the label downsized, prompting her desire for growth as an independent artist.

An insider revealed Zanda’s struggles within Open Mic, citing financial difficulties due to a lack of gigs. About two months ago, she went back to her hometown, aiming to regroup and focus on revitalising her craft.

The source emphasised Zanda’s need to develop herself independently, paving the way for her potential return to the music scene with renewed strength and resilience.



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