DJ Fresh and Mapaseka KoetleDJ Fresh and Mapaseka Koetle-Image Source@X

DJ Fresh shared his recent break-up on his new podcast episode with Mapaseka Koetle. The DJ described the time after the breakup as the scariest time in his life.

Renowned DJ Fresh was asked what was the scariest thing he had ever gone through. To this question, DJ Fresh shared that besides having kids, the past six weeks after breaking up with his most recent girlfriend have been very scary.

DJ Fresh and Pasi Koetle
DJ Fresh and Mapaseka Koetle-Image Source@X

A History of DJ Fresh’s Relationships

The DJ shared that ever since he was 14, he has never been single, as he has jumped from one relationship to another. He further explained that he would jump into the next relationship when the previous one ended.

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The DJ even confirmed that some of his previous relationships ended because of the following one, meaning he would cheat on some of his partners. The DJ was even married to Thabiso Sikwane for 20 years before they announced their split in 2022.

DJ Fresh and Mapaseka Koetle’s Rumoured Relationship

Earlier in 2023, DJ Fresh and Scandal! Actress Mapaseka Koetle fuelled dating rumours. This came after Mapaseka Koetle announced her divorce from her ex-husband, Nelson Nyokong, after 11 years of marriage.

The two never commented on their alleged relationship and were thick as thieves. However, fans would look for clues, and the two would be spotted together now and again.

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DJ Fresh’s Hope for marriage was squashed.

According to the recent podcast, DJ Fresh thought he would spend the rest of his life with Mapaseka. He says that he has been single for six weeks since their break up and thought this would be his last relationship.

The DJ did not share the details about their breakup and said both parties were to blame. He also goes on to say that everybody makes mistakes, leaving people wondering what happened between them.

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