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Renowned musician Toya Delazy is embarking on a new chapter in her creative career as she announces her upcoming book titled ‘What Happened to Toya Delazy?’. In a heartfelt social media revelation, Toya hinted that this memoir will explore her life and musical experiences, drawing parallels with the late multi-award-winning singer Zahara. Toya’s journey includes signing a two-album record deal with Sony Music Africa in 2011, later opting for independence in 2016.

An Inspired Tell-All Memoir

“After the tragic loss of Zahara, I felt compelled to share my story through a book. Examining her music deal, I realized the similarities with mine,” Toya expressed in a lengthy Twitter post. The revelation sparked a significant discussion, with some asserting their assumptions about her privileged background. Toya clarified, “None of you know my story or journey. I struggled through university, facing financial challenges with no one to cover my school fees. Proximity to wealth doesn’t guarantee affluence, and navigating the South African music industry was a profound learning experience.”

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Toya Delazy to write a book
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“I regret nothing. Every experience has been a valuable lesson. I consider myself fortunate to have found a global audience appreciating my talent,” Toya shared. The book promises to delve into her battles with depression, reliance on alcohol as a coping mechanism, and the eventual triumph over rejection.

Independent Artists Struggle

Toya disclosed that her memoir will illuminate her challenges as an independent artist. “Mockery ensued when people assumed I was down and out. Independence doesn’t diminish talent; sometimes, it’s about escaping unsustainable deals. Unfortunately, the industry often turns its back on us, and fans may perceive us as less talented without mainstream exposure,” she explained.

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Toya celebrated recent success, winning the UK Newcomer of the Year award, asserting, “We independent artists need your genuine support. Being independent doesn’t diminish talent; it’s a natural progression. However, the struggle is real. Many artists in my position have faced dire consequences.”

Toya expressed gratitude for her journey, “I feel fortunate to push forward independently through Delazy Entertainment and Afrorave Ltd. Genuine support from the public and fans, as experienced during my major label days, would make the independent journey even more rewarding.”

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