Actor Arrested Scamming BitcoinSouth African Actor Arrested For Scamming An Investor Of Over R200k In A Bitcoin Venture [Image: @CapricornFMNews/X]

A well-known actor has been arrested for scamming an investor of R200,000, allegedly luring him with promises of substantial returns through a Bitcoin venture.


South African Actor Arrested For Scamming An Investor

The actor’s identity remains undisclosed pending his appearance in the Polokwane Magistrates Court scheduled this morning.

The victim, who shared his ordeal with ZiMoja, recounted how the actor and his associate enticed him with lucrative monthly profits if he invested in their Bitcoin enterprise. Trusting their assurances, the man resigned from his job and invested his pension fund into the scheme in 2020. However, instead of the promised financial gains, he faced substantial losses, leading to severe strains in his marriage.

The Polokwane man rued:

“I made a bad decision to invest in their business, not knowing that they were scamming me. The sad part is that my wife took my kids and left me. I’m now a divorcee because the actor promised me heaven and earth. He promised that I would make enough money to support my family. Did I make more money? I never did. I have found myself jobless, wifeless and penniless. I am depressed because of this.”

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The Unrelenting Pursuit For Justice

Actor Arrested Scamming Bitcoin
South African Actor Arrested For Scamming An Investor Of Over R200k In A Bitcoin Venture [Image: iStock]


Expressing remorse over his decision to invest in what turned out to be a scam, the victim lamented the broken promises that shattered his life. Despite numerous attempts to reclaim his funds, including filing a case that was dismissed last year, he persisted in seeking justice. He reached out to Limpopo Police Commissioner Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe.

Lt General Hadebe acknowledged the case’s complexity but affirmed its significance, ensuring it received due diligence. Following the actor’s arrest, the victim expressed relief, hopeful that justice would finally be served.

The man said:

“I have been saying that all I want is my back and for those responsible to go to jail because they scammed me. I hope this will be a lesson to all the scammers.”

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