Bonang Steve Madden TheftBonang Matheba x Steve Madden Collection (Image: Kaya FM)

Shocking Scandal Unleashed: Bonang Matheba Faces Explosive Accusations of Intellectual Theft in Highly-Anticipated Steve Madden Collection

South African media icon Bonang Matheba is being accused of intellectual theft following the release of her latest collaboration with renowned fashion brand Steve Madden.

Matheba’s much-anticipated line, the Bonang x Steve Madden collection, boasts a stunning array of shoes and bags. The former Metro FM presenter recently announced that the collection is available for pre-order online, with in-store availability starting on November 1st.

The partnership between Steve Madden and South Africa’s beloved MC was officially revealed in late 2022. Matheba took to social media to introduce the new line, posting a video showcasing the collection and stating,

“Introducing the new Bonang Matheba x Steve Madden designed Collection. Now available online for pre-order. In store from November 1st 2023.”

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Bonang Faces Theft Allegations Amid Steve Madden Collection Release

However, the excitement surrounding the collection was dampened when X user Chris Excel accused Matheba of intellectual property theft. Excel pointed out a similarity between one of the designs in Matheba’s Steve Madden collection and another existing brand.

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Defenders and Critics Clash: Online Reaction to the Allegations

While some social media users teased Matheba over the allegations, her fans swiftly came to her defence, arguing that inspiration can be drawn from various sources and improved upon. Others questioned the collection’s pricing and compared it to cheaper alternatives available in the market. Check out some of the comments below:


Nothing wrong getting inspiration from something… and improve on it…


Lol in a world where people have discovered shein she still thinks she will sell these stuff


Have you checked out Bathu? That shoe is so cheap in China and we buy it here with more money…


Nawe u think we don’t see u,ukuthi u hate black success,uhlezi unegative wena njandini


Queen B is scamming them

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Matheba’s Global Ventures: A Journey from South Africa to New York

Bonang Matheba moved to New York in 2020 to expand her already successful career. She once revealed how in 2021, she got a call from Steve Madden while she was in New York and met with the team there.

Matheba first revealed the Bonang x Steve Madden collection on her YouTube channel in a BDazzled episode where she shared a behind-the-scenes look at her collaboration with Steve Madden. This campaign marks the company’s first-ever engagement in Africa.

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