Gogo Skhotheni second husbandGogo Skhotheni (Image Credit: Instagram @gogo_skhotheni)

Sangoma Gogo Skhotheni has caused quite a stir after she publicly opened up about having a second husband. She disclosed her contemplation of a polyandrous marriage.

However, she firmly stated that she won’t embark on such a journey unless she receives her husband’s blessing.

Gogo Skhotheni on having a second husband
Gogo Skhotheni on having a second husband (Image Credit: Instagram @gogo_skhotheni)

The Ancestral Directive: A Second Husband Beckons

According to TshisaLive, the revelation came during Gogo Skhotheni’s appearances on two popular TV shows, Moja Love’s “Dlozi Lam” and Mzansi Magic’s “iZangoma Zodumo,” where she dropped a bombshell that she had, as per her ancestors’ instructions, taken a second husband. This revelation sparked a frenzy on social media and left many questioning her unprecedented decision.

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Gogo Skotheni on Getting a Second Husband

However,  in a recent interview on “Nkululeko n Cultr,” Gogo Skhotheni set the record straight and revealed that she doesn’t have a second husband.

She expressed her affinity for the idea of having second husband but emphasized that her husband wasn’t on board with the concept.

It was a fun experience. If my husband would allow me to have a second husband, I think I would. It was fun seeing him get angry because I hardly do anything to my husband. My husband and I have never fought about mjolo (dating); we fight about serious stuff. So seeing him when I approached him about a second husband with him getting angry was a turn-on. It would be a nice experience, but no, there’s no second husband.”

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During the reality TV show, viewers witnessed her husband and mother struggling to understand and accept her decision. However, Gogo Skhotheni remained resolute in her choices.

Addressing her mother’s reaction, she remarked,

I feel like my mom felt embarrassed as my mother. She’s yet to fully embrace the idea. I’ve never disrespected her in any way, so I think she will understand as time goes on.”

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