Tebogo Inno Morolong AssassinationTebogo Thobejane and former friend Inno Morolong (Image: ZiMoja)

Publicity Stunt or Real Danger?: Tebogo Thobejane Accuses Inno Morolong of Orchestrating Shocking Assassination Attempt

Actress and club hostess Tebogo Thobejane has made a shocking accusation, claiming that reality TV star and club hostess turned businesswoman Inno Morolong orchestrated an attempt on her life.

The incident occurred after Tebogo and a friend were shot at while being driven home from Saints Champagne Lounge in Sandton, Johannesburg, around 11 PM on Tuesday night.

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Details of the Frightening Attack

According to Tebogo, three men in a vehicle that appeared to be a florist’s van, along with a white Audi, pulled up beside them and opened fire. Tebogo was lucky to escape with only a graze on her back, but her friend was injured and is currently hospitalized. Tebogo revealed that they never expected their enjoyable evening to take such a terrifying turn. In fear for her life, Tebogo has fled South Africa.

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Tebogo Thogejane Assassination Attempt: Inno Morolong Responds

When contacted for a statement, Inno Morolong declined to comment due to a protection order issued against her by Tebogo. Instead, she abruptly ended the call upon hearing Tebogo’s name. A close friend of Inno’s spoke out, asserting that Inno is too occupied with her numerous commitments to be involved in a plot against Tebogo.

“Inno is currently preparing for Afro Piano Fest, one of the biggest music festivals. When would she have gotten the time to get inkabi? Aowa lona! She is opening a Tammy Taylor store in Cape Town, she is the brand ambassador of Saints Lounge, Cape Town. She is also a mom; booked and busy. Why would she want to kill Tebogo?,” the friend stated.

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Speculations and Industry Competition

Another acquaintance of Inno’s speculated that Tebogo might have staged the shooting for publicity, especially considering her plans to reopen her club.

“Tebogo is probably staging this, looking for publicity for her club since she is opening it again. But who would want to shoot the poor girl?” the friend asked. “The club industry is very competitive, as well, she needs to look into that also. She must just leave Inno out of this, shame.”

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