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Stop Worrying About Me and My Bum”: Unapologetic Pearl Thusi Hits Back at Critics as Twerking Video Attracts Backlash

Media personality Pearl Thusi is not one to let criticism dim her light. She recently found herself at the center of a social media storm when a video of her twerking went viral, sparking a flurry of criticism from social media users.

Pearl Thusi Defy Critics with Self-Expression

In the world of social media, where opinions flow freely, Pearl Thusi’s twerking video generated a mixed bag of reactions. Some netizens accused her of seeking attention, while others defended her right to express herself and have fun.

The controversy began when Pearl shared a series of dance videos on Instagram, seeking input from her followers to select the best one for her water challenge dance reel. She captioned the post,

“I need help choosing the one that should become my reel for the challenge. Comment with the frame number! Please and thank you.”

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Unapologetic Pearl Thusi Hits Back at Critics as Twerking Video Attracts Backlash
Pearl Thusi hits back at critics as twerking video attracts backlash (Image Credit: Instagram @pearlthusi)

Pearl Responds to the Backlash

In the face of criticism, Pearl Thusi remained unapologetic and true to herself. She took to her Instagram stories to address the backlash, emphasizing her right to live life on her terms.

I am busy traveling the world because I deserve that. I am not even gonna go on Twitter because I know I am trending.

“I wonder when people are going to realize that for as long as you guys try and police me or my body and me being a mother, for as long as that is happening, I will do what I am doing,” she confidently stated.

Pearl firmly stated that she would not allow others to police her actions on her social media platforms whenever she chose to do something that brought her happiness.

Embracing Self-Love and Body Confidence

Pearl Thusi concluded her response with a powerful message of self-love and body confidence.

“I love my body… I am going to enjoy it and I am going to show it off because wow, I have worked so hard. God did the damn things. I am gorgeous, I really am and I know it. I want to turn 50 and look back at these videos and say [I was hot]. Until then, I hope everybody can find peace, enjoy their day, and be happy so that you can stop worrying about me and my bum.”

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