A video showing a man saying ‘thank you’ after robbing a spaza shop in Parrow, Cape Town has caused a buzz on social media.

Armed Robber Says ‘Thank You’ After Stealing Cash and Snacks

A thief was recently caught on camera robbing a Spaza shop. In the short video clip, a man of colour, holding a gun, can be seen ordering the man behind the till to open the cash register and give him money.

In the video, he can be heard saying “Give the money…give all the money”.  He collects the money the till operator gives him and puts it in his jacket pocket.

The armed robber puts away his gun and goes on to pick up some biltong from the counter and asks the till operator to give him some cigarettes.

Armed Robber Says 'Thank You' After Stealing Cash and Snacks
Armed Robber Says ‘Thank You’ After Stealing Cash and Snacks (Image Credit: X @Am_Blujay)

As if that wasn’t enough, he goes on to ask for a plastic carrier bag to put his goodies.

Surprisingly, the armed robber says thank you before leaving the shop.

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Social Media Buzzes Over Spaza Shop Robbery

Social media users were astounded by the humility shown by the armed robber. Netizens could not believe that the armed robber said thank you after robbing the spaza shop. Scores of social media users sarcastically concurred that this was not a robbery at all.

Check out some of the reactions;


I won’t dispute this 😭😂😂he even asked for cigs and a plastic bag only coloured people have this confidence


This is some comfortable robber, even puts the gun in his pocket


Then humanity kicks in and said DANKIE as he goes🙉


Clean job he even put the gun away mid robbery


I don’t see any robbery here ,That’s normal shopping in cape town

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