Will there be a future for whites in South Africa? Definitely not, if immigration and emigration figures are taken in consideration.

The only solution for the diminishing white population is to try and realize self-determination within the next five years, according to Front National leader Hannes Engelbrecht. If this cannot be accomplished, the Afrikaner will be a nation in true diaspora.

Latest figures from Statistics South Africa show that another 95 158 whites emigrated between 2011 and June 2015. It means that close to a million whites have already sought their livelihood outside the Third World country in western countries; and the trend is continuing.

During the same four year period 1 067 937 blacks from Africa and 40 929 Asians immigrated to South Africa, making it impossible for the remaining whites to maintain their demographic rights.

“To make matters worse’, said Engelbrecht; “the remainder of whites are subjected to more racially discriminatory laws than during Apartheid. Affirmative action, BEE and quotas are playing havoc with the whites’ so-called equal rights”.

The Front National leader said that the most worrying aspect of the figures was that the white emigrants were mostly the skilled, educated and experienced whites sought after by developed western countries.

“This bodes ill for South Africa as a whole. It is fast turning into a typical Third World African country that will never be able to return to normality with such an influx of foreigners and exit of skilled people”.

As for self-determination, Engelbrecht said, it was putting a lot of pressure on those whites trying to maintain their own language, culture and outlook on life when all the odds were stacked against them.

“I honestly believe we only have five years left. If white South Africans don’t put their money and votes into the ideal of self-determination now, the sell-out of 1994 will be complete”.

Every figure is relative: if 100 000 of five million leave it is not so devastating as when 100 000 of three million leave, or 100 000 of three million.

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