Xolani Khumalo New ChargesXolani Khumalo (Image: Daily Sun)

Xolani Khumalo Faces New Charges

Xolani Khumalo, the host of the popular TV show Sizokuthola, is facing the possibility of additional charges following accusations from the family of a deceased drug dealer who died during the filming of an episode of the show. The family alleges that Khumalo committed theft and maliciously damaged property during the incident.

Family’s Allegations and Private Investigator’s Involvement

The family of the late drug dealer, Robert Varrie, held a press conference in Reiger Park, Boksburg, Ekurhuleni on Friday. They disclosed that they had enlisted the services of a private investigator named AB, who, on their behalf, is pressing for Khumalo to face additional charges beyond the murder charge he has already appeared in court for.

The family has accused Khumalo of theft and malicious damage to property. Furthermore, they have raised concerns that the police may be protecting the reality TV host. They accuse Khumalo of stealing mobile phones, a wristwatch and R3 000 in cash.

“Two cellphones, Open view decoder, a wristwatch, and R3 000 were stolen when Xolani and Sizokuthola crew went to the room where the deceased was renting. The furniture was damaged, and the family believed the cops were protecting Xolani,” AB said.

Family Lists New Charges They Want Xolani Khumalo to Face

The family has requested the removal of the current investigating officer from the case and the transfer of the case file to the provincial investigative team. AB expressed the family’s surprise that only Xolani has been arrested, despite the presence of his crew and amaphanyaza (Gauteng Wardens) at the scene when Robert was allegedly killed. The family acknowledges that their deceased relative was involved in drug dealing and contends that he should have been taken into police custody.

“It’s a fact that the deceased was selling drugs. The family doesn’t want to hide that. Robert was found with two plastic of CAT drugs inside a remote control, and he was supposed to be taken to the police station and charged with the possession,” he said.

Alleged Assault and Hospitalization of Robert

The family further claims that Robert was subjected to assault and subsequently transported to the Thelle Mogoerane Regional Hospital.

“To make matters worse, when Robert was taken away from the scene, he wore his girlfriend’s clothes. Two men were seen carrying Robert to the car, and they later drove to the hospital without telling the family where they were taking him,” AB said.

Calls for New Charges Against Xolani Khumalo and More Arrests

The investigator adds that the family wants everyone who was at the scene to face the music. The family feels that the case is not being properly investigated which will potentially result in Xolani Khumalo’s acquittal. They expressed disappointment in law enforcement for only arresting Khumalo two months after the incident.

Robert, aged 49 and a father of eight children, was allegedly assaulted on July 19 in Phadima Section, Katlehong, Ekurhuleni.

Xolani appeared in Palm Ridge Magistrates Court on Tuesday, September 19, where he was charged with the murder of a suspected drug dealer. Khumalo was granted bail of R20,000, and the case has been postponed to October 19.

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