A man from the neighboring country Zimbabwe, Madzibaba Joram, who claims to be Jesus left his disciples and congregation in shock as he sunk into the water after trying to walk on top. Madzibaba Joram who heads an apolostic church allegedly told his disciples and members of his church that the spirit had spoken to him and told him to walk on water.

The spirit would reveal itself to him when they got to the holy waters. The church members rushed to follow their leader to witness this sensational miracle. After much singing and praying and asking for guidance the self proclaimed Jesus put on his white robe and took to the water.

It didn’t take long for the man to start sinking as the waters got deeper. Madzibaba’s disciples told the church members to calm down for an angel of the Lord would come and stir the waters and raise madzibaba up. The anticipation turned into full panic as Madzibaba Joram began to kick and shout calling for help. His disciples afraid to drown as well just looked on as the man struggled. One brave church member decided to come to his aid and finally rescued the weakened Joram and pullled him out of the water.

Following the incident the comment we got from one of the dsiciples was that their Jesushad drowned because there was a church member with a bad spirit amongst the crowd. So the spirit chose not to reveal itself to Madzibaba Joram at the river. Our Zimbabwean news journalist could not get hold of Madzibaba Joram as he is still recovering at a hospital in Zimbabwe called Parirenyatwa.

Source : iMzansi


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