Zimbabwean Prophet Who Accurately "Prophesied" DJ Sumbody's Death, Issues Warning To South African CelebritiesProphet Mellontik Orasi & DJ Sumbody [Images: Facebook/Prophet Mellontik Orasi & Instagram/DJ Sumbody]

Zimbabwean Prophet Who Accurately “Prophesied” DJ Sumbody’s Death, Issues Warning To South African Celebrities

South Africa-based Zimbabwean self-proclaimed prophet Mellontik Orasi has issued a strong warning to South African celebrities following the shocking death of DJ Sumbody on Sunday morning.

Dr Prophet Mellontik Orasi has been making waves on the internet following the shooting death of DJ Sumbody.

Shortly after the news of the Amapiano artist’s death was announced, Prophet Mellontik Orasi claimed credit for prophesying the death.


Prophet Mellontik Orasi & DJ Sumbody [Images: Facebook/Prophet Mellontik Orasi & Instagram/DJ Sumbody]

Responding to the news of DJ Sumbody’s death, the Zimbabwean prophet wrote.

“May he rest in peace.

 “Surely God does nothing secretly.”


His followers also zeroed in on a post he made on October 2, 2022, and declared that this was indeed the prophecy regarding DJ Sumbody.

Prophet Mellontik Orasi’s post from October 2, 2022, reads, 

“Shortly here in South Africa, people shall wake up to condolence messages on social media, a male celebrity, very early in the morning.”


In a follow-up post, the Zimbabwean Prophet warned that another South African celebrity, a female this time, would die soon.

He also told South African celebrities that when he issues the ‘prophecies,’ he will be trying to help them and save their lives.

Dr Mellontik Orasi also insisted that he does not want anything from South African celebrities. He is just seeking to help them.

He posted, 

“So saddened.

 “To South African artists, I need nothing from you when I advise you, we (are) trying to spare lives.

“Another female celebrity will rest when memories of this one are still new.”


The Zimbabwean Prophet also took a swipe at his detractors and shared a list of some of his prophecies from November 9, saying the prophecy about DJ Sumbody was number 11.


Cassper Nyovest & DJ Sumbody [Images: Instagram/ DJ Sumbody]

He captioned the post, 

“To doubters more recent prophecy there number 11.”

The post reads, 


“1. A Zimbabwean Socialite abroad very active on Facebook, noisy and controversial will fall sick in 2023 and might pass on without prayers.

“2. A prime Minister in Africa will pass away shortly 

“3. 0ne of the greatest Zimbabwean politician will be hospitalized and may die if no intercession is done.

“4 3 well known public figures in Zimbabwe dying of cancer 

“5. A new war in 2023, so big 

“6. Zimbabwean people, for now, ignore elections prophecies. Most prophecies are probabilities feigned by the great marine demon nyami nyami to confuse people.

“7. A popular Nigerian preacher (is) divorcing shortly. 

“8. Zambia will develop into a powerhouse of Africa with more clean policies 

“9. Let Edgar Lungu rest to avoid disappointment. 

“10. Just shortly another army general is sleeping.

“11. A South African musician sleeping shortly (male in mid ages) “

Prophet Mellontik Orasi [Images: Facebook/Prophet Mellontik Orasi]


The founder and Lead Pastor at Christ Redemption Ministries International gained massive prominence after he seemingly accurately prophesied the death of veteran actor Jamie Bartlett.

After the death of Jamie Bartlett, the Zimbabwean prophet warned that 3 South African soapie stars would die soon. He warned that the three soapies stars, two men and a woman, would die shortly in quick succession.

Following the death of South African actress Busi Lurayi, Prophet Mellontik Orasi claimed that his prophecy had come to pass.


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