Zola 7 Former Managers

Zola 7 Nightmare Hostage: Icon Cries Foul As Former Managers Maintain an Iron Grip on His Life

Kwaito legend Zola 7 is crying foul as his former managers hold him hostage and maintain a tight grip on his life.

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Zola 7 Held Hostage By Bitter Former Managers

Zola 7, born Bonginkosi Dlamini, recently took to his social media to inform drastic changes to his career, as he revealed how his old managers are still haunting him.

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In a lengthy statement, the yesteryear Kwaito heavyweight announced:

“Untamed Communication and Zola 7 would like to announce that all social media handles for Zola 7, excluding his current Twitter (X) social profile, have changed. The change is because (sic) the Zola 7 brand is being tempered with because of the many fraudulent activities and the use of the Zola 7 brand by the previously-employed Zola 7 social media manager that refuses to perform an official handover.”


Zola 7 Former Managers
Zola 7 complains about his former managers. [Image: Ukhozi FM]


Zola 7 informed his fans that they can reach him on @official_zola7 on Facebook and Instagram and @Officicalzola7 on Twitter (X).

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And it seems all his former managers are giving him a torrid time. Zola 7’s management also grumbled that his old managers were using his old numbers to scam well-wishers.

“We are also aware that many (sic) people are still using his old contact and booking information (jamazolaseven@gmail.com). We urge you to familiarise yourselves with this new contact/booking information to avoid being scammed.”



Renewed And Revived Fame

Zola 7 burst back into the limelight in 2022 after images of his paler version circulated online, evoking sympathetic emotions.

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The full-of-life kasi rapper people always knew had lost weight and looked ill. Touched, South Africans donated money for him to get help and regain his life.

Since then, Zola 7 has been getting booked for shows, and his life is now back on track. And now his old managers have sprung from the abyss to take advantage of his refreshed life.

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