The outspoken king of the ba Zulu people has found love in the least expected of places!

King Goodwill Zwelithini once came under fire for his xenophobic comments which instigated xenophobic attacks.

Now the man seems to have turned over a new leaf as he is set to marry another woman, Adaeze Babajide who hails from Nigeria.
This comes as a shocker that the king has pulled such a move but he had this to say in an interview.

“You can’t choose who you love and I just fell in love with this wonderful woman. Where she came from ceased to become a factor. What drew me to her was her heart”  Zwelithini was all grins and he was beaming all through the interview. Signs of a man clearly in love.

When asked about his previous xenophobic comments the king said
“I was wrong and I deeply apologize. I guess this is God and the ancestors’ way of teaching me a lesson. I guess my actions have shown the world how remorseful I am”

Adaeze is the daughter of a Nigerian chief and she is also well educated, holding a degree in Economics.
We approached her for an interview but she insisted she is media shy and says she is a low key person.

Preparations are being made for a traditional wedding which will take place here in South Africa and the other ceremony in Nigeria.

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