Approved for the R350 grant? Here’s when you can collect your payment in December

Beneficiaries of the R350 Covid-19 social relief of distress (SRD) grant can expect to receive their payments from December 6, after the disbursement of the disability and elderly grants.

The SA Social Security Agency (Sassa) said older person’s grants will be paid from December 1 and disability grants from December 2. This includes other grant payments linked to these beneficiaries.

Other grants will be paid from December 3, but this excludes the SRD grant, which will only disburse payments from December 6.

Each beneficiary is assigned a payment date depending on their ID number.

The dates below are applicable to the SA Post Office payout system. Beneficiaries can receive their grants as soon as they receive confirmation of payment from Sassa.

Here’s when you can access your grant:

December 6: 080 and 085

December 7: 081 and 086

December 8: 082 and 087

December 9: 083 and 088

December 10: 084 and 089

December 13: 080 and 085

December 14 : 081 and 086

December 15: 082 and 087

December 20: 083 and 088

December 21: 084 and 089

December 22: 080 and 085

December 23: 081 and 086

December 28: 082 and 087

December 29: 083 and 088

December 30: 084 and 089

Sassa also reminded beneficiaries who have not collected their funds from the first payment cycle that they only have today to collect their money before it is forfeited to the state fund and channeled towards other government priorities.


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