A Botshabelo woman is facing murder charges for doing the despicable in order to satisfy the demands of a witchcraft cult.

Kelebogile Bataung insists that killing her infant child was not her idea “I would never harm my child but ‘they’ threatened me, they said they would destroy my whole family with their powerful muthi. They promised to make me
suffer for the rest of my life” ,she told the police amidst heart breaking sobs.

‘They alludes to the witchcraft cult which the accused claims she was forced to join by her grandmother when she was still a child.

‘They made tribal markings on my body which binds me to them spiritually, I had no choice and they have been controlling my life”

The accused pleaded guilty to murder but insisted she had no intention to do the act before the court of law

Kelebogile was taken for psychological evaluation as there was reasonable doubt to believe that she was not of a sound mind at all.

We reached out to community member for further explanations of what looks like a act linked with the supernatural.

“Things like this happen all the time, witchcraft exists. If you think it doesn’t you are fooling yourself” an elderly community member sounded.

“She deserves to be locked away, we have lost family members and children to these witches!” a vehement neighbor voiced out her anger.

Result from the psychological evaluation are yet to be concluded and released to the public. If found to be sane she will have to face a minimum of 20 years in prison but if she is found to be mentally ill she will be detained a a psychiatric institution for an indefinite period.

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