Idols SA judge Somizi Mhlongo has come out strongly in defence of Cassper Nyovest and his spending habits‚ calling on black people to be motivated by success instead of judging.

Cassper had some people up in arms over his spending habits after he recently bought a Rolex watch‚ a Bentley and a new house. Some lashed out at the star‚ saying he should be spending his money helping the less fortuante instead of making the extravagant purchases.

Now the hip-hop star has found strong support in the form of Somizi‚ who posted a long video to his Instagram page begging the haters to stop.

“I speak for my black brothers and sisters because that’s all I know. When someone of our own achieves in life and they are not apologetic about their success‚ eg Cassper Nyovest buying a Bentley at age 20-something. Under 30. He is way under 30. And all of a sudden you have all of these financial advisors popping out of nowhere. ‘You could have done this. You could have fed a 100 kids.’ Who said he is not doing that?”

Somizi goes on to praise Cassper for his hard work ethic‚ saying that instead of criticising‚ people should be looking up to him as a source of inspiration.

“It’s his choice‚ it’s his money. He wakes up‚ he doesn’t sleep. He does 6 shows a day. Stop this jealousy. Stop it. Becuase that’s the reason you are where you are. You are blocking your blessings by just being jealous of other people. Let them be. Stay in your lane. If they fall one day it is their lesson to learn. Please black people‚ please black people‚ can you just uplfit each other. Support each other. Find inspiration in it. Say ‘black child it is possible.’

Earlier this week Cassper addressed the backlash telling TMG Entertainment that he wasn’t going to stop boasting.

“I was inspired by seeing Kanye’s chains‚ seeing his car and his house and seeing P.Diddy’s lifestyle. I was inspired from a kid. I used to take the good from what I see. I mean all these rappers come from an American hood‚ but they also come from unfortunate situations and through music‚ they’ve been able to provide for their families and buy these cars.”

Somizi’s video has already had over 59 000 views and over 200 comments


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