DBN Gogo Dating BUDBN Gogo Now Dating Adulting Actor BU [Image: @dbngogo/Instagram]

DBN Gogo has seemingly moved on from Focalistic and is reportedly now dating Adulting star BU, according to close sources.


DBN Gogo now Dating Adulting Star BU

Born Mandisa Radebe, DBN Gogo is currently seeing former Big Brother Mzansi contestant and actor Luthando “BU” Mthembu, according to close friends of the two. BU has recently gained attention for his provocative scenes on the show Adulting while DBN Gogo, daughter of former Justice and Correctional Services Minister Jeff Hadebe, continues to make waves in the music industry.

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The couple has been seen together in various parts of Johannesburg, openly displaying affection. Witnesses observed them sharing kisses at a restaurant, indicating their growing closeness. A friend of BU described him as smitten, drawn to DBN Gogo’s intelligence and talent.

“Gone, boy. Gone! He can’t keep his hands off her. He is attracted to her because she is smart and talented. BU likes a smart and witty woman, the source told Zimoja.

On Valentine’s Day, DBN Gogo posted pictures with BU with the caption:

“Happy Valentine’s Day bo baby ❤️ from yours in love ~ The Bonnet Bandit 💋”


The Couple’s Previous Love Lives

DBN Gogo Dating BU
DBN Gogo Now Dating Adulting Actor BU [Image: @dbngogo/Instagram]


Prior to their current relationship, BU had shown interest in Thobeka “Venus” Mtshali during his time on Big Brother. However, their connection ended after his eviction, with Mtshali moving on to another relationship.

DBN Gogo, on the other hand, had been involved with musician Focalistic, but their romance ended in heartbreak. Focalistic has since moved on to a relationship with vocalist Pabi Cooper. Sources close to the situation suggest that Focalistic had already moved past the breakup, indicating that their relationship had been tumultuous and ultimately irreparable.

Neither DBN Gogo nor BU has made official statements regarding their relationship status. DBN Gogo could not be reached for comment, while BU declined to comment on the matter.

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