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Dineo Ranaka Faces Potential Copyright Lawsuit Over New Restaurant Name

Media personality Dineo Ranaka is at risk of a copyright lawsuit due to the name of her recently opened restaurant, the Untrained Chef, situated at 43 5th Street, Wynberg, Sandton.

Ranaka shared the news of her latest business venture while explaining her recent absence from the public eye.

“You know, sometimes you gotta disappear and just mind your business … don’t mind my silence, it’s super healthy. It’s wholesome,” she captioned a picture of herself wearing a chef’s attire while holding a knife.

The Purple Chef, Barney Jiri, for her new restaurant. The celebrated media personality revealed that the idea was conceived in 2017. However, seven years later, Dineo Ranaka opened her first restaurant.

Teaming up with renowned chef Barney Jiri, Ranaka disclosed that the idea for the restaurant was conceived in 2017, culminating in its opening seven years later.

The news was shared on X (formerly Twitter) by the entertainment and current affairs blog MDN News. Following the announcement, users noted similarities between Ranaka’s restaurant name and another establishment in Soshanguve. Some pointed out that her latest venture is to launder money. Others even foresee her ill-treating her staff. Lightheartedly, some even jokingly suggested that former Minister of Finance, Tito Mboweni, might apply for a position at the Untrained Chef after hearing its name. Here are a few comments from social media:


My former colleague has a restaurant called untrained chefs ko Sosha that’s been running since 2018🙆🏽‍♀️


She wants to launder money 💀🤣🤣 typical celebrities


One thing about D she isn’t scared to start over and try something new❤️


I can see her saying this..

“Thabo you useless you nothing you can’t even cook chicken to my standard nkare you Tito ay futseg marn”

Feel sorry for her stuff😥😥


Former Minister of Finance right now getting ready to summit his Cv after hearing Untrained Chef.

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