DJ Sabby Wins Prestigious Music Award[Images: Instagram/DJ Sabby]

DJ Sabby Wins Prestigious Music Award


Dj Sabby won the Best Music Show Award from the South African Radio Awards. The DJ won the award for his show The Metro FM Top 30 which airs on weekends. On the show, Dj Sabby counts down the latest and hottest tracks in circulation all across South Africa.

When Dj Sabby won the Best Music Show Award, many people congratulated him, and they said it’s well-deserved. His fans said; he doesn’t just source good music; he’s also very entertaining. The show is an overall musical experience, and he handles it from start to finish.



DJ Sabby Wins Prestigious Music Award
[Images: Instagram/DJ Sabby]


Before Dj Sabby won the Best Music Show Award, he won numerous awards before. When he was a Y-FM presenter, Sabby was on the drive-time show The Best Thing Ever. During that era, he scooped multiple awards for his presenting. Although winning the award was a big achievement, it wasn’t new to him.

When the DJ got into Metro FM, he transitioned from being a drive-time host to presenting on weekends. The title was a downgrade. However, Metro FM is bigger than Y-FM. Initially, people thought he would get an instant promotion. Surprisingly enough, he stayed in his weekend slot for a very long time.

When he didn’t get a promotion for a big show like the morning and drive-time shows, speculation started. Radio fanatics said his career is falling down. Sabby is a person who has been presenting for years yet, he can’t be moved to a notable slot.

After months of people circulating rumours about his career, Dj Sabby won the Best Music Show Award. His win is his way of solidifying his position in the radio world. Sabby got congratulations from his station as well as his radio peers. He proved to all his haters that he’s still a notable radio star and he will stay winning.

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