A school care taker was recently bust playing the ‘hide your sausage in my honeypot’game with a matric pupil. The married father of three, who happens to have a daughter in the same class as the girl he was having quality time with, is said to be in the habit of hooking up with school girls thrice his age.

Weeks leading to the event, some school kids reported that the man would buy spathlo for his latest victim and would promise her a bursary, despite himself being a school janitor.

When confronted, the apologetic girl said she was desperate to get the bursary since her parents could not afford to pay for tertiary education. The incident was captured in a bushy area just outside the Rustenburg school. People passing by, most of whom were school kids, soon surrounded the half dressed couple after the ‘camera man’ had bust them in the act.

Some of those who had converged the scene wanted to met instant mob justice on the man.

The embarrassed janitor was spared a thorough beating after his daughter, who was part of the crowd, begged for mercy.

The headmaster at the school refused to comment saying it was an internal matter.

Source : iMzansi

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