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Eva Modika, renowned as one of Mzansi’s leading social media influencers and talented female DJs, has long kept her personal affairs under wraps, once asserting her commitment to keeping business and pleasure separate. However, recent rumours swirling in the gossip mill suggest that the Limpopo-born celebrity might be stepping out of the shadows of secrecy.

According to reports, Eva Modika is purportedly romantically involved with none other than businessman Tumelo Ramaphosa, the youngest son of South African President Cyril Ramaphosa. Tumelo, known for his ventures in the culinary world as the founder of Studex Meat, and his expertise in the realm of cryptocurrency exchange, seems to have captured Eva’s heart.
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A Closer Look at Tumelo Ramaphosa

Tumelo Ramaphosa, not merely defined by his prestigious lineage, has carved his own path as a notable entrepreneur. His brainchild, Studex Meat, stands as a testament to his culinary acumen, while his endeavours in the realm of cryptocurrency exchange underscore his innovation and foresight.

Insiders whisper of clandestine rendezvous between Eva and Tumelo, suggesting that their romance has been blossoming away from the prying eyes of the public for several months. Allegedly, the couple decided to formalize their relationship approximately two months ago, marking a significant step in their journey together.
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Unveiling the Romance

In a surprising turn of events, Eva Modika recently took to Instagram, offering fans a glimpse into her personal life. During a live session on the 13th of April, she coyly featured Tumelo in the background, fielding questions from curious followers. Later, she further fueled speculation by showcasing their outing at a nightclub, where Tumelo’s presence was unmistakable.

While close associates purportedly acknowledge the seriousness of their bond, both Eva and Tumelo have remained tight-lipped about the nature of their relationship. When approached for comment, Tumelo remained elusive, while Eva, with a playful laugh, deflected inquiries, citing her preference for privacy and the safeguarding of her brand.

“I prefer to keep my personal life private. You know me—I’m all about protecting my brand,” Eva remarked, evading the probing questions. With a mischievous glint in her eye, she redirected the focus back to Tumelo, teasing, “Perhaps you should ask him instead?”


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