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A family beat up a woman who got her husband arrested after r_aping their 11 months old baby in an incident that has shocked Mzansi.

Moments following the sentencing of a man to two life terms for assaulting his toddler, the mother of the child faced a brutal attack from her own relatives who disagreed with her decision to pursue legal action.

The 37-year-old woman, whose identity remains undisclosed to safeguard her child, was hospitalized overnight after being assaulted by her mother and brother. The incident occurred shortly after she received the news of her partner’s sentencing.

Family Turns Violent

According to reports, the woman was subjected to physical violence by her own family members, who expressed their displeasure at her choice to proceed with the legal case against the father of the child. The assault left her with severe injuries, particularly to her back, hands, and buttocks.

Authorities have since arrested the woman’s mother and brother, who are now facing charges of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

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Threats and Pressure against reporting husband who r_aped baby

Woman assaulted by family for reporting husband who r_aped their baby-Image Source@X

Prior to the trial and even during its proceedings, the woman had been receiving threats from family members urging her to drop the charges. She disclosed instances where she was offered bribes, including a sum of R150, by the man’s family to withdraw the case.

Despite facing pressure from her own family and the accused, the woman remained resolute in seeking justice for her child. She recounted how her family members attempted to dissuade her from pursuing the abuse case, citing financial dependence on the accused.

She mentioned that despite the support the accused provided to the family due to her unemployment, she couldn’t turn a blind eye to the abuse inflicted upon her child.

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Pursuit of Justice

Despite the challenges and opposition she faced, the woman remained steadfast in her pursuit of justice for her child. She highlighted her motivation to ensure that her daughter received the justice she deserved, emphasizing her determination to fight for her child’s rights.

The National Prosecuting Authority’s regional spokesperson, Lumka Mahanjana, provided insight into the events leading up to the legal proceedings. The assault occurred when the mother left the child in the care of the father, who later confessed to the crime during a consultation with a traditional healer.

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