Idols SA Judge Somizi Wails In Distress After Being Targeted By Notorious Scammers[Image: Instagram/Somizi Mhlongo]

Idols SA Judge Somizi Wails In Distress After Being Targeted By Notorious Scammers.


Idols SA judge Somizi Mhlongo has revealed that he has been the latest victim of scammers, and he warned his followers to be cautious.

Somizi shared a red-alert warning post on his Instagram, appealing to his followers to help him report the account that was scamming people.

A yet-to-be-identified person stole Somizi’s identity on Instagram and hoodwinked social media users into thinking the account is real.


Somizi Targeted By Scammers
Somizi Targeted By Online Scammers [Image: Instagram/@somizi]

The person uses the handle @somiz_ifanreachout on Instagram and posed the account as a backup of Somizi’s. The bio reads:

“This is my Second official account to reach my fans. @somizi.”

To gain the trust of social media users and look authentic, the administrator of the account also copied the Nivea x Bathu sneaker competition link, which Somizi posted and is promoting through his Instagram account.

And this stunt seemingly worked, together with tagging Somizi on the bio, because the account managed to amass over 10 000 followers.

The administrator also maintained his fake authenticity by posting every picture and video that Somizi shared with his legion of fans and followers, including promoting events that the Idols SA judge was billed to grace.



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A post shared by Somizi (@somizi)


At the time of publishing, fans and followers of the singer and actor had reported the account to Instagram, and it had been taken down. Instagram users heeded the plea and commented:



“Bendisathi ndiyaReport I looks like the account has been removed.”


“A whole 10k have followed 😳😳😳 next thing they are asking for donations to “reach out” to fans 😪.”


“Oh no. There’s no shame in SA. They cloned your account now!”


“Futhi ngabo bathi “I received my payout today”. Scrolla nje kugcwele bona ezantsi, iscefe sabo😏😏🤦🏻🤦🏻”


“And he even puts your actual handle as part of his bio. I mean, how dumb can one be 🤣🥲”


Last year, Muvhango actor David Sebe who plays Gizara, had to hand himself in to the police to prove that he is not guilty after a Facebook impostor allegedly used his identity to commit crimes, including fraud.



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