Queen Khazeka leaves King Dalindyebo after three months of marriageKing Dalindyebo and Queen Khazeka-Image Source@X

Abathembu Queen, Nolubabala ‘Babsi’ Mcinga, now known as Queen Khazeka Nolulabalo Mcinga Dalindyebo (42), finds herself facing the difficult reality of a shattered marriage with AbaThembu King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo (59).

Renowned businesswoman, author, and philanthropist Queen Khazeka expressed her deep sorrow, revealing that her recent loss of close friend and singer Zahara has added to the challenges she is currently navigating. While mourning the passing of Zahara, Queen Khazeka is simultaneously grappling with the unraveling of her marriage to King Dalindyebo.

A Turbulent Union Unveiled

Queen Khazeka opened up to Zimoja about the trials she faced within the three-month span of her marriage, labelling it as “one of the toughest times” in her life. She shared her nightly ritual of prayer at midnight, a practice that caused discord with King Dalindyebo, who expressed displeasure and urged her to cease the nightly prayers.

Queen Khazeka leaves King Dalindyebo
Queen Khazeka and King Dalindyebo-Image Source@X

Despite the initial affirmation of love due to her faith, Queen Khazeka found herself in a tumultuous relationship. She spoke of enduring emotional strain, citing the King’s characterization of their union as a “forced marriage.” The Queen disclosed details of her husband’s erratic behaviour, indicating a pattern of leaving her one day and checking on her the next.

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Highlighting internal and family disputes, Queen Khazeka shed light on the King’s authoritative role in hiring and firing royal staff. She entered the marriage with the intention of contributing to the building of the royal home, but she faced obstacles such as a prohibition on owning a phone. Non-compliance led to her calls being monitored, impacting her personal and professional life.

Seeking Refuge from Turmoil

Currently, in hiding from her husband, Queen Khazeka reflected on the unintended consequences of loving a controversial king. She expressed concern for her well-established career, which predates their union, now being adversely affected. Despite her struggles, she maintained a level of respect for the King but acknowledged her current emotional state, stating, “I am not okay.”

As Queen Khazeka grapples with the challenges emanating from the royal house, she chooses not to delve too deep into the intricacies, emphasizing her ongoing respect for the King. However, she remains steadfast in her decision to seek solace from the turbulent situation that has encroached upon various aspects of her life.

Queen Khazeka’s journey serves as a poignant reminder that even within the grandeur of royalty, personal trials and tribulations can cast shadows, impacting the lives of those entwined in the intricate tapestry of palace affairs.

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