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MacG Challenges Tyla Seethal’s ‘Water’ Success, Alleges Numbers Are Fake

MacGuyver Mukhwevo, popularly known as MacG, has raised doubts about the success of South African singer Tyla Seethal and her single “Water”.

MacG, co-host of the popular Podcast and Chill, recently stirred some controversy when he claimed that the achievements of Tyla’s song “Water” and the impressive statistics it’s racking up are, in his opinion, artificially inflated and not entirely genuine.

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Breaking Records with “Water”

Tyla, the South African songstress, is currently enjoying tremendous success with her song “Water.” It initially gained widespread attention on the social media platform TikTok, where her challenge captivated users and caused a sensation.

Just a few days ago, she unveiled the official music video for the song, and it has already shattered streaming records across the globe.

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MacG Claims Tyla’s Success Is Fake

However, MacG believes that these impressive numbers are not as they seem. During a recent Podcast and Chill episode, he voiced his conviction that Sho Majozi should have achieved a level of fame similar to Tyla’s.

MacG went on to assert that Tyla’s numbers are artificially boosted and not authentic. In his words,

That should have been Sho Madjozi. So what happened is, Sho Madjozi was dating her videographer, some white guy and then they broke up. When they broke up this videographer started dating Tyla and then he started shooting videos for her and then he took her to America.

Take a look at the clip below:

MacG’s comments were met with anger from Tyla’s fans who felt that his opinion was motivated by jealousy.

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