Makhadzi gravity-defying grand entrance sparks mixed reactions

“Beyonce Was Found Shaking”: Makhadzi Gravity-Defying Grand Entrance Sparks Mixed Reactions

Renowned South African singer, Makhadzi known for her electrifying stage presence, left concertgoers at the Royal Heritage Festival in Limpopo in awe with her gravity-defying grand entrance.

Dressed in a dazzling gold gown, the Venda star took her performance to new heights as she appeared to “fly” over the crowd, descending onto the stage with grace and poise.

Makhadzi Makes a Grand Concert Entrance

In a jaw-dropping moment captured on social media, Makhadzi made an elaborate and gravity-defying entrance via a suspended rope.

Clad in a flowing gold gown, the Venda star appeared to “fly” over the enthralled crowd before gracefully landing on the stage. The audience erupted in applause as she touched down, showering her with admiration.

Makhadzi grand entrance flying stunt
Makhadzi grand entrance flying stunt divides opinion (Image Credit: Fakaza)

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Makhadzi Grand Entrance Compared to Beyonce

As the video of Makhadzi’s jaw-dropping entrance circulated on social media, fans couldn’t help but draw comparisons to international superstar Beyoncé.

Some enthusiasts enthusiastically asserted that her grand entrance was giving Beyoncé vibes,” while others playfully quipped, “It’s giving a witch on a broomstick.”

On the other hand, some social media users were not entirely impressed with Makhadzi’s dramatic gravity-defying grand entrance.

watch the video below


Check out some of the reactions from social media;


It’s giving Beyoncé Vibez 😍😂😂😂😂


It’s giving baloy vibes. Wuu wu


Oh Beyoncé what on earth have you started 😩😭


When you order Beyoncé from AliExpress


Beyoncé was found shaking


People are laughing at her. They’re more amused by the clownery moment then the singing and the entertainment but I guess that’s the whole point…maybe idk!


Africans always copying Americans will be our downfall .copy everything down to satanic stuff

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