Somizi and MohaleSomizi and Mohale in happier times-Image Source@X

Mohale Motaung’s lawyer is asking the court for Somizi’s assets to be attached to their bill after the media personality failed to settle their bill even after the court’s ruling.

Renowned media figure Somizi Mhlongo reportedly faces challenges in fulfilling his financial obligations to his former spouse, Mohale Motaung’s legal representatives.

Despite publicly committing a year ago to settle Motaung’s legal expenses following their divorce, Mhlongo appears to have faltered on his promise.

Legal Recourse

Sunday World has learned that Motaung’s legal counsel, Mabu Marweshe of Marweshe Attorneys, has resorted to legal action to recover outstanding payments from the well-known Metro FM presenter.

In an interview with Sunday World, Marweshe disclosed that he hadn’t received any payment from Mhlongo despite his repeated attempts.

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Mohale and Somizi
Mohale lawyers wants to attach Somizi’s assets-Image Source@X

“We have secured a court order, enabling us to pursue an attachment order to seize his assets and cover the pending expenses,”

Marweshe represented Motaung in their highly publicized divorce case, which unfolded in 2021 after their two-year marital union came to an end.

Somizi’s Failed Settlement of Divorce Bill

Prior to the scheduled court proceedings, Mhlongo withdrew his divorce petition following legal counsel and revelations about the legal status of their marriage at the time of separation.

In a statement issued in March 2023, Mhlongo expressed his intention to withdraw the divorce proceedings and cover Motaung’s legal expenses.

“We initially aimed to resolve our marital issues amicably through negotiations. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find common ground, leading to the withdrawal of the divorce application,”

Consequently, the divorce proceedings were halted, and the matter never proceeded to court.

Despite Mhlongo’s pledge to cover the costs, prolonged pursuit by Motaung’s legal representatives forced them to seek judicial intervention.

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Denial and Dispute

When reached for comment, Mhlongo denied any knowledge of Mohale Motaung’s lawyer.

“I’m unfamiliar with that law firm,”

Upon clarification, Mhlongo asserted that the payment referenced in his previous statement was unrelated to legal fees.

“The mentioned payment was for another purpose, not legal expenses. Each of us was responsible for our respective legal fees,”


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