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Mohale Motaung Throws Shade At Somizi Following Mbongeni Ngema WhatsApp Stunt

Mohale Motaung appears to have thrown some shade at his ex-husband, Somizi Mhlongo, who recently faced criticism for misleading social media users.

Somizi is causing a stir on social media, but unfortunately, it’s for all the wrong reasons.

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Somizi’s Fabricated WhatsApp Message Controversy

Somizi’s tribute to Mbongeni Ngema (Images: Briefly)

The popular media personality faced substantial criticism after accusations surfaced that he had concocted a WhatsApp message, falsely attributing it to Mbongeni Ngema’s last message.

The message expressed Ngema’s gratitude towards the Idols SA judge for providing support during tough times, highlighting Somizi as the only one who stood by him among his numerous mentees. The now-deleted screenshot included the following message:

“Good evening Mhlongo. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for what you did for me when I was at my lowest ebb. Without any provocation or me asking for help you extended your hand towards me. You are the only one of all the hundreds of my children who stepped forward for me. This has gone to the deepest and innermost of my being. Ngiyabonga Mhlongo. You have proved beyond any reasonable doubt that I today stand in the shoes of Ndaba. Good night. Mbongeni Ngema”

Following the screenshot’s release, Somizi Mhlongo was accused of seeking attention and being a clout chaser.

Despite the emotional contents of the alleged conversation, eagle-eyed social media users quickly noticed a peculiar detail about the message. They pointed out that the message, supposedly from Mbongeni Ngema, appeared in green, suggesting that Somizi might have sent the message to himself, creating a false impression.

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Mohale Throws Jabs At Somizi Following Mbongeni Ngema Tribute

In response to the controversy, Mohale Motaung took to his X (formerly Twitter) account. Rather than explicitly mentioning names, he shared a meme featuring people laughing out loud, without adding any caption.

Fans didn’t need Sherlock Holmes to piece things together and concluded that Mohale’s post was a subtle jab at Somizi, interpreting it as a reaction to the ongoing controversy. Many believed that SomGaga was getting the criticism he deserved for attempting to deceive his fans.

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Fan Reactions and Laughter

In the comments section, social media users joined in the laughter with Mohale. Here are some of the reactions:


😭😭😭😭😭😭You didn’t have to laugh so hard nawe 💀


You’re so messy🔥😂😂😂but I love it


😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂what somizi did is actually embarrassing and disrespectful to ngema’s family


i know that you loughing Somizi about the Whatsaap he sent to his phone claiming that it from Mbongeni Ngema………….Drama


I’m laughing coz I know what you’re laughing at 🤣🤣🤣

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