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Sammie Heavens Reveals Baby Oliver ‘s Face – Nasty C ‘s Fans Go Wild Over the Precious Pictures

Fans of rapper Nasty C finally got a glimpse of his son, Oliver, thanks to his high school sweetheart and baby mama, Sammie Heavens, who recently shared two adorable pictures of the little one.

Previously, fans had only caught a fleeting glimpse of baby Oliver on the cover of Nasty C’s latest album, “I Love It Here,” where the small family is chilling on a couch.

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Baby Oliver: First Pictures Shared by Nasty C’s Mama

Nasty C’s devoted followers had been eagerly anticipating a closer look at baby Oliver. Sammie Heavens, whose real name is Ntombizodwa Beatrice Sibanyoni, granted their wish by sharing pictures of herself with the baby, albeit carefully concealing Oliver’s face. Check out the adorable photos of baby Oliver below:


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Nasty C Opens Up: Fatherhood and Son’s Three Names

During an August interview with ZiMoja, the “Zulu Man With Some Power” rapper revealed that he and Sammie had given baby Oliver three names – an English name, a Zulu name, and a Japanese name.

“He arrived a few weeks ago. He is a strong little boy. He has a Zulu name, English and a Japanese name,’ Nasty C shared with ZiMoja at the time.

Nasty C initially announced the pregnancy in a freestyle track titled “Dear Oliver” and confirmed that he would delve into his journey into fatherhood in an upcoming song titled “Oliver.”

The musician also opened up about how fatherhood has influenced his life and career. Nasty C expressed his love for being a father and humorously revealed that it had led to a bit of weight gain. Despite his demanding schedule, he’s a full-time dad and resides with Oliver in Johannesburg.

Nasty C emphasized that amidst the chaos of the music industry, having a family serves as a stabilizing force.

“The music industry can get very hectic and having a kid grounds me. I get to go home to so much joy,’ he said.

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