Durban Robbed Stokvel SavingsDurban man Robbed Of All Stokvel Savings [Image: @ZANewsFlash/X]

A Durban man got Mzansi talking after she was robbed of all the savings from the stokvel she is part of.

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Durban man Robbed Of All Stokvel Savings

MDN News reports that the Stokvel group is based in Amaotana in Inanda, Durban. The ladies got together and decided to collectively put aside savings which they would regularly share.

After saving money for almost a year, the members decided it was now time to share their savings just as November started. The anticipation and excitement was palpable. Some were planning to acquire furniture while others wanted to go on holiday and have a good time.

On 31 October, one of the members of the Stokvel withdrew all the year’s savings that they had made. The group tasked him with sharing and distributing the money.

He then took the considerable amount to her home overnight so he could carry on the plan in the morning. As he arrived home, five robbers who were trailing him violently stormed his home. They attacked him and fleeced him of all the Stokvel money he had withdrawn.

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It is still unclear how much money the five robbers made away with.


Mzansi Smells A Rat


Durban Robbed Stokvel
Durban man Robbed Of All Stokvel Savings [Image: @ZANewsFlash/X]


South Africans on X are suspicious of the robbery. Check out their comments below.


“😂🤣 but doesn’t this seem fishy?”


“He planned the entire thing. You’ll beat me up and leave me for dead. So it’ll appear that I’d been robbed. Conveniently he was robbed as he arrived at his home. Strange that robbers knew the date of withdrawal, which is unusual. Stokvels begin withdrawing in the first week of Dec.”


“The one who withdrew cash is part of them. How did they know?”


“Lol, people still do cash Stokely in this day and age??”


“It’s the 1st of November, and already stokvel money scandals are emerging.”


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