Nigerian Tems PregnantTems (Image: @temsbaby/Instagram)

Could Nigerian Sensation Tems Be Pregnant? Rumours Surface Amidst Romantic Links to Future

A recent video of Nigerian singer Tems has stirred up rumours of a possible pregnancy. Fans noticed that the artist behind “Free Mind” seemed to have a slightly different appearance in the video, with some keen observers even speculating about a potential baby bump.

Speculation Grows as Tems Conceals Her Stomach

Tems Pregnant
Tems (image: Screenshot)

In the viral social media clip, it appeared that Tems was making an effort to hide her stomach, adding to the speculation. Tems is known for keeping her personal life private, which has only increased curiosity about the identity of the rumoured father.

News of Nigerian Singer Tems Being Pregnant Raises Eyebrows

Interestingly, some folks on social media have been pointing fingers at American rapper Future as a potential candidate responsible for the alleged pregnancy. This connection is based on their past collaboration on the hit song “Wait for You” and their seemingly close relationship since then.

The Verdict: Official Confirmation Still Pending

However, it’s crucial to emphasize that there hasn’t been any official confirmation of Tems’s pregnancy at this time. Similarly, any rumoured romantic involvement with her former collaborator, Future, remains unconfirmed.

If these speculations turn out to be true, it would mean that Future is expecting his ninth child, in addition to the eight children he already has from various relationships, including Jessica Smith, Brittni Mealy, India J, Ciara, Joie Chavis, Eliza Seraphin, and two unidentified women.

South African Stage: Will Answers Emerge?

South African fans might get some answers regarding the rumours surrounding Tems’s pregnancy when she takes the stage at the 2023 DStv Delicious Festival this weekend. She’ll be headlining alongside Maxwell and Zakes Bantwini at the event.

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