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Unathi Nkayi Takes Sly Dig At Kaya FM & Sizwe Dhlomo After Station Manager Fired


2022 has truly been a tough year for South African media personality Unathi Nkayi.

Not only did she get fired as a judge on Idols SA, but she also lost her job at Kaya 959 as a radio personality due to Gender Based Violence (GBV) allegations.


Unathi Nkayi on how she lost everything
Unathi Nkayi ( Image: Credit: Facebook@MzansiWatch)


As Sizwe Dhlomo who got her fired continues to catch smoke for causing the station manager Sibongile Mtyala to get sacked,  Unathi Nkayi has decided to open up about how she lost everything when she got fired at Kaya959.

Taking to her Instagram account, Unathi Nkayi revealed that she has been through the most painful year in her life.

She stated that she lost everything because of a one-sided story which many rushed to believe.

“I have been through the most vigorous and painful year of therapy of my life because I lost EVERYTHING due to a ONE-SIDED story that many were too keen to believe,” Unathi Nkayi said.
The former Idols SA judge revealed that in May she hit rock bottom and her condition was so bad that her therapist wanted to put her on medication.
In May my therapist wanted to put me on meds. Anxiety pills and tranquillisers because I had hit rock bottom. We decided against the meds BUT that meant I had to force myself to get into a routine which included exercise,” said Unathi Nkayi.
Unathi Nkayi added that her father advised her to be consistent with her therapy and watch the people that conspired against her turn against each other.
To show up for myself. My father said ‘Be regular with your therapy and then sit back and watch them turn against each other. They will because there is no integrity amongst the 3 people who conspired against you in this matter.’ My therapy session today was cathartic, to say the least♥️.”



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