Pregnant Again? - Faith Nketsi Raises Eyebrows After Hinting At Having Another Baby[Images: Instagram/Faith Nketsi]

Pregnant Again? – Faith Nketsi Raises Eyebrows After Hinting At Having Another Baby


South African media personality and reality star Faith Nketsi has sent social media into a frenzy with her baby fever after hinting that she may be pregnant again.

Faith Nketsi who seems to be enjoying the joys of motherhood seems to be ready to welcome another baby to her family.


Faith Nketsi Post-Baby Pictures
Faith Nketsi [Image: Instagram/faith.nketsi]


Taking to Twitter, Faith Nketsi hinted that she wants to have another baby.

“I high key want another baby 🥹😬”


She added that she wants her daughter to have a little brother.

“🕯 🕯 for Sky to get a little brother”

The Have Faith reality star tweet left many people convinced that she was already pregnant. Netizens reckon that was her way of announcing that she is pregnant considering the last time she was pregnant, she kept her pregnancy under wraps and only announced after she had given birth.


Just say you’re pregnant again we won’t judge you


I’m pretty sure you’re already pregnant 🥹

However, some of her followers on keen on the idea of her having another baby.  They encouraged her to go ahead and have another baby so that she can name him ‘Moon‘ since her first baby is called Sky.

Meanwhile, Faith Nketsi recently wowed her followers after she flaunted her daughter’s fancy nursery room.

The proud mother of one provided a brief glimpse of her baby’s nursery room, highlighting the baby cot’s in the centre of the room, which was white with a headlight and velvet panelling, as well as the baby’s sofa next to her bed.

On her reality show, “Have Faith,” she revealed that she initially struggled with decorating her baby’s room because she wasn’t sure what to put in, what not to put it, or how she wanted to decorate it.

Faith Nketsi who is well known for her expensive taste and style really went all out to create a really comfy and spacious nursery for her bundle of joy.


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