Limpopo Man Marries SisterLimpopo Man Marries Sister [Image: @MDNnewss/X]

A Limpopo man is startling South Africans online after he marries his sister and starts a family with her.

The man, who hails from Malamulele just outside Giyani, Limpopo, is alleged to have taken his biological sister’s hand in marriage. After getting married, they went on to have two children together, a boy and a girl, who are now toddlers.


Limpopo Man Marries His Sister

MDN News spoke with the strange couple to understand their marriage, and they refused to disclose how they started having tlof tlof. They were too shy to disclose when they started getting romantically attracted to each other.

When asked why they decided to marry each other as siblings, the two justified their union, saying it would stop gender-based violence. They explained that siblings love each other and would never beat up or, worse, kill each other. The siblings said a brother and a sister would never hurt or betray the other.

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The publication added that when the two initially married, they hid their union out of embarrassment. However, they are now bold enough to come out in the open.

MDN News reported:

“The two are rumoured to be in love and decided not to hide their relationship anymore. They say they are aware that people will judge them, but they are happily in love with each other and will never hurt one another like normal relationships do.”


Mzansi Expresses Disgust

Limpopo Man Marries Sister
Limpopo Man Marries Sister [Image: Myth Detector]


Social media users expressed their disapproval of the siblings’ marriage.


“The problem with this inbreeding is the lack of genetic variation that happens in the kids, so if there are any genetic shortcomings in the family (which there always are), the kids will get the worst of that. Seeing that the parents are already too dumb to understand this, the kids are fxcked.”


“More Skomotas are on the way then. There is no child of theirs that will be normal.”


“I hope the guy didn’t know from the onset and that the share a father but not a mother. I just hope so🙏”


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