Skomota New StyleSkomota Thrills Fans Online With His New Style [Image: DineO/X]

Viral social media sensation Skomota has thrilled his social media fans after rocking a new style that makes him professional.


Ngwana Sesi’s New Look

Since reportedly winning a R3 million betting jackpot last year, Skomota has never left the public eye. In the process, he has attracted hordes of fans who are amused by his fun and carefree attitude.

He has always been in clubs donning his designer jeans, t-shirts and sneakers, boozing and hitting the dance floor. Occasionally, girls swarm to him and get a piece of his newfound wealth.

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With time, promoters took notice of Skomota’s overnight fame and planned on capitalising on it. Club owners started inviting him to perform and dance for revellers, giving the man a new stream of income. He storms the stage and dances to Makhadzi’s music blaring the venue while chanting in the microphone.

It now seems Skomota, also known as Ngwana Sesi, is adopting a fresher look and wants people to take him seriously. In pictures that have since gone viral, the entertainer was taking no prisoners.


Skomota New Style
Skomota Thrills Fans Online With His New Style [Image: Xavier/X]


He donned a black tuxedo and rocked his signature tinted hair. He seemed like he was about to attend an evening event and he dressed for the occasion.



Mzansi Thrilled As Skomota Draps New Style

South Africans online had fun as Skomota seems to be diversifying his look and proving his fashion versatility. Check out some of the comments below.


“That’s the man of the moment hey!”


“Who forced him to formalise?”


“He looks good and classy. I love it for him.”


“He looks so different. I guess it’s not a bad thing, hey.”


“Lol, I thought ke someone else, but rebranding is not a bad thing.”


“He’s done with ama2k, he’s going for the mothers now🤞✔️🤣🤣🤣”


“Une stress this young man!!! He looks uncomfortable.”

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