South Africans Shocked As Metro FM’s Pearl Modiadie Reveals Newborn

Metro FM Pearl Modiadie
Metro FM Pearl Modiadie And Her Husband

South Africans Shocked As Metro FM’s Pearl Modiadie Reveals Newborn

South Africans were recently shocked when TV personality, actress, and Metro FM host Pearl Modiadie revealed her newborn.

“ To finally have you here feels incredibly surreal” : read a post she shared on her Instagram account.

 She also posted a picture of her baby wearing a vest written “hello world” and captioned it:

“I’ve longed for you. To finally have you here feels incredibly surreal… a feeling only my soul can deeply comprehend. Welcome to the world my love…the purest of hearts. You’re perfect in every way. Your father and I love you dearly, we’re actually obsessed with you, but I’ll use the word dearly so we don’t scare you away from my love”.

Metro FM Pearl Modiade

Modiadie never posted a single picture of a baby bump on her social media. The half Zulu and Pedi girl has always been a traditionalist.

To avoid jealous people harming her loved ones or any up-coming business ventures she’s busy with, she beleves n sharing things once they are done.

Tradition has it that women aren’t allowed to share their baby news until 36 weeks when the baby has fully developed as fear of miscarriages, witchcraft, and bad omen.

However, fans have celebrated Modiadie arguing that celebrities don’t adhere to tradition anymore. Most women like Simphiwe Ngema only reveal their baby bump when they’re about to give birth.
Metro FM Pearl Modiadie

 Acknowledging  the support from her husband throughout her pregnancy and wrote:

“Starting a family with you Mr. Jones is a dream come true and I couldn’t have chosen a better man to be the father of our child. Our family has suffered such a painful loss however, God has proven to us that with death, comes new life and we welcome this miracle wholeheartedly. Happy Birthday my love we’re having a baby. Best Bday present ever.”

Pearl also told her fans about her new show “It takes a village with Pearl” which will premiere 30 September 2020.

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