Love is really twisted thing as evidence by the recent case of a Vereeniging woman who married her ( now ex) son-in-law

“It was love at first sight but he was with my daughter so we didn’t want to complicate things” Ms Esther Ndaba the bride testified at the poorly attended wedding.

According to close family members Esther and her daughter are no longer on talking terms as the daughter believes her mother was responsible for her break up with her ex.

“You marry your daughter’s boyfriend and expect everything to be fine. Who does that?” a family member spoke out.

According to both bride and groom they’re meant to be together and they couldn’t fight their feelings for each other.

“It happens, it’s part of life. I obviously never meant to ruin the family but Esther said to me “listen, this is hard but let’s at least be honest and not do it behind my daughter’s back” the groom said when it was his turn to speak at the wedding.

They first met when Esther’s daughter brought thr groom to her house for introductions and after a few conversations they found out they had a lot in common.

From there the attraction just grew until they realized their feelings for each other were genuine and decided to take the big leap forward.

The daughter in question didn’t attend the wedding and is now estranged from her another. Attempts to reach her for comments proved futile as she doesn’t want all the attention as she is trying to move on with her life.

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