Oscar Pistorius is a man deeply troubled.

His cellmates and prison officials have confirmed that the champ often has terrible nightmares and he wakes up screaming Reeva’s name, begging her to stop tormenting him.

Mr Pistorius was rushed to Pretoria’s Kalafong Hospital yesterday after sustaining injuries to his wrists in jail. He is currently in hospital with a broken stump and a few broken ribs after falling off a bunk bed in his cell. According to his cellmate who uses the lower part of the bunk bed said it was as if Oscar was fighting with a ghost.

“The fall was intense it was as if he was thrown down , I heard his bones crack. I was skeptical about letting him use the upper bed but he insisted because he love things, I told him he will trip and fall off the bed but usiphukhuphukhu lo mlungu, bona manje usilethele izipuku ejele”. Said the cellmate.


Poor Oscar

Blames Reeva

Two wardens also confirmed that there is a ghost in Oscar Pistorius’s cell.

He always curls into a ball and sits on the corner of his bed CRYING, asking Reeva to leave him alone

“This is not the first time we’ve seen a murderer being haunted by his victim, Some even ask to be killed when they can’t deal with the ghost anymore, They scream like babies asking their dead victims for forgiveness when we switch off the lights.”



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