Concerned Greytown villagers decided to take the law of the wild in their own hands after their livestock was being mysteriously decimated.

This had been going on for several months and they were baffled as to the fate of their animals.

Suspicion was cast upon a python which peacefully resided in one of the village crevices. The python had been living undisturbed for years because the villagers believed it brought them luck and was a sacred creature.

However one livestock owner was enraged after missing on his calves that he decided to hunt the snake down with a mob.

The locals killed the huge snake which was in no state to move because it’s belly was still swollen from what evidently seemed to be it’s recent meal.
They believed killing the snake would show evidence that it was the culprit behind the disappearing livestock.

However as these images clearly show, the snake was not overweight because of its last meal, it was actually pregnant.

Behold a very pregnant snake

Snakes lay many eggs and as a result when they are pregnant they looked quite puffed up.

The locals came under fire from the National Wildlife authorities for their heinous act as pythons are endangered species and should not be hunted down.




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