Young Stunna Cries Foul After Being Struck By Bottles While Performing In Zimbabwe

Young Stunna (Image Credit: Instagram via@youngstunna_rsa ENTERTAINMENTLOCALSOUTH AFRICA)

Young Stunna Cries Foul After Being Struck By Bottles While Performing In Zimbabwe


South African Amapiano hitmaker Young Stunna is unhappy with the way he was treated in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Young Stunna who was in that country over the weekend,  performed at the Short & Shades Party at the Boundary in the city of Queens & Kings.

This was the young star’s second visit to the city and his 3rd time in Zimbabwe and all his shows he rocked the crowd with his impressive performance and always left fans wanting more.

However, this time around his show did not end on a good note. Young Stunner was reportedly hit by a bottle whilst he was performing live on stage.


Young Stunna Zimbabwe show
Young Stunna (Image credit: screengrab from his Instagram page)


Taking to his Instagram stories in a cryptic post Young Stunna said he was hurt.

“I still love you, even though you hurt me,” he wrote.




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A post shared by Young Stunna (@youngstunna_rsa)

On the other hand, revellers who had thronged the venue to watch Young Stunna perform his hit song Sete live on stage were not impressed with his performance.

Young Stunna Hit By A Bottle While Performing In Zimbabwe
Young Stunna (Image Credit: Instagram via@youngstunna_rsa


Revellers had to wait 5 hours for Young Stunna to perform and on top of that he only performed for only 10 minutes. A section of those who attended the show has since taken to social media to express their disappointment.


Uboy boy ufike ngokhorapas 1 am, washay’ is’hwap hwap esel Ominutes, wayenza amanoodles n now he says he still loves us Haaaaaaaa, i lost my ableee

@miss sinclair24

Mbodlela and it wasn’t that bad laye phela idrama yena ubenga performa 15 mins kuphela

@ andile_adrian

Laye uyadelela straight. Sure sigodole ebusuku wena ubuye uhlabele literally 3 songs sure.

However, some of the people who attended the show are blaming the show organizers for poorly organizing the show. They are blaming the show organizers and promoters for taking them for a ride.


These promoters are taking us for a ride. Clubs should just organize these events without having to use promoters, it’s better that way.

Issues with DJ equipment giving his DJ problems, also meant that he couldn’t perform some of the songs.. Promoters were the problem cos they could have just hired the right equipment. They changed decks in the middle of the show.

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