Zoleka Mandela Blood Clots

Zoleka Mandela Faces New Health Hurdles: Blood Clots and Lung Fibrosis Detected in Ongoing Cancer Battle

In a sad update, Zoleka Mandela, the grandchild of Nelson Mandela, is facing another health challenge in her ongoing battle against cancer.

Zoleka Mandela Discovers Blood Clots and Fibrosis in Lung

Recently, Zoleka shared on social media that she had a CT scan a few weeks ago, and the results were not promising. The scan revealed that she had developed blood clots and fibrosis in her lung, which explained the chest pains she had been experiencing. Thankfully, her medical oncologist has prescribed medication that should bring her relief soon.

“I had a CT scan administered a few weeks back, which has shown that I have blood clots as well as fibrosis in my lung. This explains the chest pains I had been feeling. My medical oncologist has recommended blood thinners and oral chemo,” she disclosed.

She also mentioned a silver lining amid the challenging news:

“On the upside, I’m incredibly grateful that I am still treatable,” Zoleka Mandela added.

Zoleka had recently spent eight nights in the hospital, where she had to receive injections of Neupogen to boost her white blood cell count. This boost is crucial as chemotherapy and radiation treatments often lower the body’s ability to fight infections. Upon her discharge, she requested continued prayers for her loved ones.

Request for Continued Support and Prayers

Zoleka acknowledged that this phase of her journey is tough and requires strength and support through prayers. She revealed that she had collapsed on a Saturday morning due to the discovery of another tumour in her brain.

“This is a very hard one for me. On Saturday morning, I collapsed at home due to another tumour found in my brain. Things are not looking good for me at all and it’s important for me to continue to be honest about my journey as I vowed I would for the betterment of the cancer community. I ask for your continued prayers, not for me but more for My blings ( My Riches: Zondwa, Lindo, Bambatha, and Zwelabo), for my Queenship (Those who have been there every step of the way: Thatohatsi, Jenine, Sanele, Jabulani and Sisipho), as well as My Assistant Mom, Aus’ Lerato who has been good to me and good for me, and most importantly my children – the very best of me, my lifeline and anchor: (Zwelami, Zanyiwe, Zenzile, and Zingce). As I rejoin you in prayer, for them all, I will pray for my comfort, peace acceptance,” she said.


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